Blow out sale 16.08.2020

Blow out sale

Dear customer.

we often buy biger quantities from our manufacturer and then there are some of this products left in stock.

Those we offer on special conditions to clear the stock.

We loose money in this way? Yes we do!

Good for you, because you can not get tis products so cheap anywhere else.

Good for us, because we can concentrate on other topics.

So today:IE 400 PRO

Dynamic in-ear monitoring headphones with studio sound: noticeable punch, clear high frequencies and transparent mid-range reproduction. The miniature 7mm driver uses the newly developed TrueResponse technology and guarantees artifact- and distortion-free sound. Comfortable and secure thanks to an ergonomic design, the IE 400 PRO is robust and fit for any stage.
Instead of 293 only 99 € plus tax, reight free - this price is only for the last 4 left in stock.
I wish you luck, stay healthy

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