Photon Beard at BVE 2019 02.03.2019

Photon Beard at BVE 2019 As well as lighting the green screen, with just 3 x HL90 and 1 x HL220 fluorescent, we had a small display of our products.

I deliberately mixed LED and Fluorescent so people could see that not only is there no visible difference in the light but even the software could not detect any difference.  The guy below is stood in the corner and lit 50/50 by both types.
The biggest surprise was the number of visitors considering there were very few big names to draw people in.  The only camera company was JVC. No Black Magic, Cannon, Sony, Panasonic, ARRI, Cirrolite (Dedo and Kino dealer), No CVP or White Light.  I think many people who could not get to the show last year due to the snow came this year and with no one else to talk to they HAD to speak to us! Lots of interest in the PB80 from colleges and universities. People were impressed we lit a 7 x 2m green screen with just 4 lights.  Admittedly we did not light the talent but it worked pretty well anyway. Quite a few comments about our competitors having features that are not needed such as light colour changing LED panels and built in effects such as fire side or police lights.

Everyone who looked at the poster for the Solo Kit said it was a good kit at a good price.  This is especially true of colleges and universities who are looking for LED kits for their students and have found low cost LED panels and flexible mats are not good enough.

There was also a nice number of studio supply and install enquiries.

So all in all what I had expected to be a waste of time was actually a very very good show.  We will have to wait and see if orders flow as a result.

So onto CABSAT in Dubai - not exhibiting by I am walking the show and then NAB where we do have a booth and have also been asked by Mo-Sys to light their green screen on their stand.


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