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ProPrompter Professional Software v5

ProPrompter Professional Software v5


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  • ProPrompter Professional Software v5 (Mac/Windows)

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ProPrompter Professional Software v5

The ProPrompter Professional Software v5 (Mac/Windows) from ProPrompter is a teleprompting software package designed to facilitate the management of scripts.
This is the Professional version of the package that includes a variety of features not available in the Basic and Advanced versions of the software.

- This solution is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms
- The software includes toll-free technical support
- It supports horizontal and vertical mirroring
- Single-screen scrolling is available
- Screen size is adjustable
- Choose from multiple fonts and colors
- Copy and paste your scripts from other applications
- The software allows you to set cue points
- Import your scripts as rich text or simple text
- You can also manage your scripts with the built-in word processor and script editor
- Background colors are user selectable
- Advanced features include variable scroll position and variable speed control
- Prompter font size can be set relative to editor font size
- This solution supports double-byte fonts
- Horizontal and vertical flipping is supported
- This solution supports dual-screen operation
- Other features include script printing and a spell checker
- This solution is compatible with foot pedals and remote controls
- This version also includes text search-and-replace functionality
- Multiple fonts, sizes, and colors are supported in the same document
- Import Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files

Titel: ProPrompter Professional Software v5
EAN: 0672225551805


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