Travel Case 77 x 58 x 45 cm

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EXPLORER Cases represent the ideal transport and storage solution for demanding and professional users from a wide range of fields and are virtually indestructible. The special cases are hermetically sealed, waterproof, shockproof and protect your sensitive equipment from all conceivable external influences. Whether you want to use the high-quality plastic cases on the job, for industrial applications, for outdoor and sports activities, for medical or laboratory equipment or for expeditions - with the large selection of sizes, interior fittings and colors, you are guaranteed to find the right model for your purpose. This large model offers space for sports and leisure equipment, diving and boat equipment, large camera and video equipment, large drones, computers and monitors, musical instruments, expedition equipment, medical and technical instruments. INTERIOR EQUIPMENT: ✓ Würfel foam. The case bottom is equipped with pre-cut cube foam which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the foam to your equipment. Underneath the cube foam is a smooth foam base plate. Please refer to the specifications for the exact number of foam layers. ✓ Lid nap foam. The lid of the case is equipped with corrugated nap foam .   MODEL EXTRAS: ✓ Trolley function. This model is equipped with an extendable handle that allows you to convert the case into a practical trolley.  ✓ Maintenance-free wheels  This suitcase is equipped with maintenance free ball bearing casters . So you can transport even heavy equipment comfortably. ✓ Additional carrying handles The case comes with two additional side carry handles for easy carrying and transporting of the case by two. ✓ Holder for luggage/shipping label  Transparent clip holder for attaching baggage tags at flight check-in. FEATURES EXPLORER CASES: DUSTPROOF ✓ WATERPROOF ✓ FLOAT HIG ✓ EXPLORER plastic cases are tested and certified according to IP67 protection class. A special rubber sealing ring ensures that the cases are absolutely dust-tight and can withstand temporary submersion in water up to a maximum depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. The cases are buoyant (see specifications for buoyancy). SHOCKPROOF ✓ TEMPERATUREPROOF ✓ SÄUREPROOF ✓ The shockproof EXPLORER Cases are designed for the toughest use and certified for temperatures from -33 to +90 °C . In addition, the shatterproof case surface is resistant to harsh chemicals. STABLE ✓ STAPLEFÄHIG ✓ The integrated stabilizers and stabilizing elements in the case frame ensure high stability and stackability. They interlock when the cases are stacked to prevent slippage. AUTOMATIC PRESSURE BALANCING VALVE ✓ This case has built-in automatic pressure equalization valve that independently regulates pressure differences, for example, when traveling by air or shipping the case by air. Unlike the manual pressure compensation valve, the valve is fixed and does not need to be turned to compensate for pressure changes. INDIVIDUALIZABLE ✓ All cases are customizable and adaptable to your wishes.  GARANTIE ✓ EXPLORER Cases are covered by a lifetime limited warranty (not valid in countries where this is not allowed by law). Wear parts such as rollers, rubber seals and locks are excluded from the warranty. OTHER FEATURES: ✓ The lid hinges are equipped with a corrosion resistant metal pin . Push the case lid all the way open to secure it from accidentally slamming shut using the special hinges. ✓ Additional attachment points in the lid for extra support of optional accessories like EXPLORER lid inserts. ✓ For locking, the EXPLORER case is equipped with stainless steel reinforcements, through which you can pass a padlock. A special EXPLORER combination lock is optionally available. ✓ Robust, strong flap locks with user-friendly opening mechanism. ✓ The rubberized folding handle provides a secure grip and high carrying comfort. ✓ Personalize your EXPLORER Case with the removable PVC inscription panel . To remove the label, öopen the case and slide the plastic cover out upwards. ✓ Interior with convenient slots for easy installation of EXPLORER system frames (optionally available). AVAILABLE COLORS: ✓ Black✓ Olive green✓ Orange

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Titel SPECIAL CASE MOD. 7745 WS black
Artikelnummer GT-7745-B


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