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Prompter People Ultralight 10

Prompter People Ultralight 10" Set

Set consisting of a teleprompter and a tripod

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  • Prompter People Ultralight 10

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Ultralight Ipad 10"

iPad and iPad app not included. Multiple teleprompting apps are available on the App Store, due to apple polices apps must be puchased from the app store (UL-iPad).

The UltraLight iPAD teleprompter compact and sets up quickly with tool-less control of camera position and includes a Bluetooth wireless keyboard remote. Our iCUE promping app is available from the app store. Self-contained prompting with no need to connect to a laptop.

- Fast, easy setup
- Supports any size camera including DSLRs, palmcorders and compact HD cameras
- Easily readable to 3.5 meter
- Universal bracket fits all iPADs and most tablets over 7”.
- Includes tripod adapter mount for easy mount to your tripod
- Durable lightweight aluminum hardware

The UltraLight iPAD is a compact, rugged affordable teleprompter for use with DSLR’s and compact HD cameras. It’s design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any size camera - from DSLR’s and palmcorders to HD cameras. The universal iPAD bracket fits all models of iPADs and many Droid tablets.

- 60/40 is standard
- Beamsplitter size 10" by 10"
- Ultra clear, low-iron glass eliminates color shift
- Anti-reflection coatings prevent glass reflections Dimensions
- Weight: 2 kg
- Tool-less design
- Camera position adjustable
- Universal iPAD bracket
- Tripod adapter plate for easy tripod mount Upgradability
-   10.4” monitor available for use with Laptops
- iCUE and iCUE Remote available on the app store
- Bluetooth controller included for iCUE

Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod - Model 13

Second Wave brings stability

With the Second Wave® Teleprompter Tripod we once again succeeded in fulfilling this high aspiration. For a price of 498 € plus 19% VAT, the Tripod offers a payload of 10 kg and high-quality workmanship. 
We have often been asked if we can offer a cheap tripod for our Prompter People teleprompters. Some customers nowadays have small cameras and matching small tripods. If you need a tripod with a high carrying capacity, you would have to buy a tripod which might cost as much as the teleprompter. That makes no sense. Or you are looking for a teleprompter to record your seminar, where teleprompters and tripods are always connected. The users simply don't want to spend so much on a classic tripod.

We wanted a tripod that is able to carry a teleprompter and camera safely and allows a comfortable handling. We achieved this with our solution. 

The core features are:
* professional tripod system
* 100mm head
* Panning options: 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically
* carrying capacity 10 kg
* Material of the tripod: Aluminium
* 3 sections // double expandable
* Extendable floor spider, allows deeper camera position
* illuminated water level, simple operation in the dark
* Quick release system with safety lock, holds the camera securely
* movable camera plate to adjust the center of gravity of the camera/prompter
* fast and safe assembly, thanks to large adjustment knobs
* Bag included in delivery

Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod is the ideal accessory for many teleprompter / camera units. The low-cost tripod system allows the customer to take full advantage of the ProLine Plus series. This is the only way to use freestand and conventional teleprompters.

Technical data:
Weight: 7,7 Kg
Load capacity: 10 Kg
Transport length: 88 cm
Minimum height: 51 cm
Maximum height: 170 cm

Second Wave® has set itself the goal to develop high-quality devices of the second generation and to offer them at a low price. The selected devices go through a strict selection process to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Titel: Prompter People Ultralight 10" Set


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Prompter People Ultralight IPad 10

Prompter People Ultralight IPad 10" Teleprompter

399,00 €
Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod - Model 13

Second Wave Teleprompter Tripod - Model 13

448,20 €

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