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Teleprompter Pal

Teleprompter Pal

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10" Glass with iPad Cradle12" Glass with 12" HB Mon12" Glass with 12" Regular Mon12" Glass with iPad Cradle


  • Teleprompter Pal SLED
  • Teleprompter Pal
  • Teleprompter Pal
  • Teleprompter Pal
  • Pal test - 10
  • Teleprompter Pal - SLED MODEL: 12
  • Teleprompter Pal - SLED MODEL: 12
  • Teleprompter Pal - SLED MODEL: 12

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Teleprompter Pal

Foldable, Affordable and Professional Teleprompter for shooting with everything from iPhones, DSLR, Mirrorless, Cinema Camera's and more.

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- Soft Bag Included
- Hood, Front Sled, Back Sled, 15mm Block, and FreeStanding Adapter made with durable Aluminum built to last. 
- Top Mounting Bracket 4 1/4-20" Thread Mounting for Microphones, Lighting, Monitors, and More.
- iPhone Adapter Included (Works with all models iPhone and Androids, Cell Phones for shooting) 
- Hood Folds, Back Sled Removes for Compact Storage
- 10" or 12" High Low-Iron American Made 65/35 BeamSplitter Glass
- 10" works with all iPads, Surfaces and Tablets up-to 10.9" in Size
- 12" works with all iPads including the iPad Pro and all Surfaces including the  Surface Pro models - will work with tablets up to 12.9" in Size
Base Models include:
- Sled Mount
- FreeStanding
- 15MM Railmount
- 10" Model - fits all models Tablets and iPads up to 10.9" 
- 12" Model - fits all models Tablets and iPads up to 12.9" in size including the iPad Pro and Surface Pro
- 12" Regular 400 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitors include HDMI, VGA, Composite inputs
- 12" HighBright 1000 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitors include HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, and Composite inputs
- All Monitor based 12" models include Software for Mac or PC on a Dongle (To move software from multiple computers without needing additional Licensing Software) and direct download with a single license key.
- Additional Download and License included for Free at Request (You'll also keep the dongle in working order) so you'll get 2 working versions of the software.
- All new Prompter People Flip-Q for Mac works with Mojave and Catalina based systems.
- Legacy systems require older models of Flip-Q please specify if you need an older 16 BIT mac (Tell us which OS you'll be running) on your order notes, as well as if you need Flip-Q for PC.
- Flip-Q for PC works on all models PC up-to Windows 10 or Higher.
- 10" and 12" All Tablet Based Models include the smaller SoftBag with 1 Large - Front Pocket and Configured Padding
- 12" Monitor Based Models includes the larger Padded SoftBag with 2 Front Pockets and 1 Side Pocket
- Kits are available for any base model

Titel: Teleprompter Pal


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