aiTranslator 07.08.2019


The aiTranslator is a brand new product which enables you to speak up to 75 languages. It is easy to use and helps you communicating.

Imagine you meet a person in a foreign country. You want to talk to him but don’t speak his language. What will you do?

Use your hands? That can help and with luck the person understand you a little. “Oh I guess this foreigner wants something to drink.”

This way of communication is really complicate.

But with the aiTranslator everything becomes easy. You set up the two languages and start to talk with the “world”.

You speak in your mother tongue and just a second later the translation is done. You hear what you said, but in Englsh, French, Urdu, Chinese……
The other person understands you, DIRECTLY.

This can be the start of an everlasting friendship.

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