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Sennheiser Handmic Digital

Sennheiser Handmic Digital

External handheld microphone for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac/PC

A rugged dynamic handheld microphone, a high-quality internal signal converter and convenient handling: HANDMIC DIGITAL is your companion for briliant interviews and ad hoc music recordings.

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  • Sennheiser Handmic Digital

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Broadcast quality made easy. Just plug and record.

Producing audio recordings in broadcast quality on your iOS device can be run-of-the-mill for you from now on – with HANDMIC DIGITAL.

Developed by Sennheiser and digital audio technology leader Apogee it is the highly effective combination of a top-quality microphone capsule and a refined signal conversion system in a rugged all-metal handheld housing.

Complete with apps that ensure intuitive operation and a seamless workflow.

Get the 21st century version of the handy mic and recorder set-up with this broadcast-quality mobile recording equipment for your iOS device.

Mobile Journalism

Wherever you go you hear the quality

The handheld HANDMIC DIGITAL allows you to be always close the audio source. And its immunity against wind and excellent side noise rejection give you peace of mind while you concentrate on your video or interview, generating first-rate audio or audio/video recordings that can easily be shared or uploaded for editing and publication.

Podcasting and voice recording

Let your voice be heard – and nothing else

With its robust design for reliable recordings, both indoors and outdoors, HANDMIC DIGITAL provides podcasters with user-friendly high-class technology. Fitted with a shockmounted capsule the HANDMIC DIGITAL features excellent suppression of handling noise for ultra-portable high quality recording. Also no small matter: The mic is highly immune against radiation from cellphones.

Vocal & instrument recording

Grab your good ideas right away

Get your creative song ideas recorded right there, right now, without hassling with technology. Take your HANDMIC DIGITAL, take your iOS, plug – and play! Contrary to former times you don’t have to pay for the superfast set-up with a brittle sound. Instead, it will be broadcast quality and highly editable to boot.

A handful of top-quality audio

Generating high-quality audio files with your mobile device is now literally within your grasp. Just grab the robust HANDMIC DIGITAL, connect it to your iOS device and you are good to go. Fitted with a high-class capsule the HANDMIC DIGITAL provides consistent sound quality in any application for speech, vocal and instrument recording. And it hides another treasure inside, which perfectly complements the quality of the mic.

What's in the box?

  • HANDMIC DIGITAL microphone 1 Cable 2m, Micro USB/Lightning 1 Cable 2m, Micro USB/USB
  • 1 Microphone clamp
  • 1 Microphone table stand
  • 1 Pouch
  • 1 Quick Guide
  • 1 Safety Guide

Technical Data

  • Dimensions
    ø 48 mm, 180 mm length
  • Connector
    Apple MFi certified Lightning connector or USB
  • Frequency response (Microphone)
    40 – 16,000Hz
    • Max. sound pressure level
      @ min. gain: 134 dB @ max. gain: 99 dB
    • Cable length
      approx. 2 m
    • Transducer principle
    • Weight
      approx. 340 g
    • Pick-up pattern
    • Gain
      0 - 35 dB
    • AD conversion
      Apogee PureDigital A/D conversion
    • Powering
      supplied by iOS device or USB
    • Sensitivity
      @ min. gain: –54 dBFS @ max. gain: –19 dBFS
    • Operating relative humidity
      max. 95% @40%
    • Latency
      OS and app dependent (typ. < 0.5 ms)
    • Noise Level
      @ min. gain: –96 dBFS(A) @ max. gain: –74 dBFS(A)
    • Temperature Range
      0 °C to +50 °C
      Storage: –25 °C to +70 °C
    • Word Length
      16 / 24 bit
    • Internal signal processing
      selectable presets via Apogee‘s Maestro App
    • Type of Codec
      multibit DeltaSigma
    • Sampling frequency
      44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96* kHz

Titel: Sennheiser Handmic Digital
EAN: 4044155212167
ASIN: B07658SG38


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