OBSBOT Tail Air [Multi-camera set].

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Obsbot Tail Air

Obsbot Tail Air

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Obsbot Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

Obsbot Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

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Obsbot USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

Obsbot USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

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Obsbot NDI License Key

Obsbot NDI License Key

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Obsbot Tail Air remote control

Obsbot Tail Air remote control

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Product description

OBSBOT Tail Air [Multi-camera set].

OBSBOT Tail Air is a KI-powered PTZ camera. This camera is, in our opinion, a game changer for almost every area of video production.

With this camera it is possible to reduce an interview, for which previously up to 3 cameras were needed, to one camera. OBSBOT goes one step further, the Tail Air, can be operated completely wireless via the built-in battery.

We have seen this development from OBSBOT coming and followed it with great expectations. We have taken a close look at the camera and are more than enthusiastic about its functions and handling.

AI Director Grid
Imagine you need to shoot an interview and all you need is a small PTZ camera and a smartphone. This camera automatically creates a grid of different close-ups and details and a total shot, recognises which speaker is speaking and takes over the cutting. This function is called AI Director Grid.

Wireless use

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, the camera does not require a power cable like previous OBSBOT models. The Tail Air can be connected to an existing network with a smartphone or laptop via a Wi-Fi router, or you can set up a hotspot with your smartphone to connect the camera.


With an additional NDI licence, the camera can transmit video and audio signals over the network using the NDI protocol. A wired solution is also available, but requires the USB-C to Ethernet Adapter from OBSBOT. A Power-Over-Ethernet connection would then be possible.


The Tail Air offers various AI functions such as person, animal and object tracking. We have already introduced the KI director Grit. The AI also recognises gestures with which the camera can be controlled, such as activating tracking, zooming in and out, and starting and stopping recording.

Remote control

The smartphone app OBSBOT Start offers extensive functions and editing tools to adapt the recording to your own needs. A stream can be created and started directly with the app.

The Tail Air remote control can be connected to up to 3 Tail Air cameras and controls moving, zooming, setting anchor points or switching off the camera.

Scope of delivery:

3 * [OBSBOT Tail Air] Pack
1 * OBSBOT Tail Air Smart Remote Controller
3 * NDI License Key
3 * USB-C to Ethernet Adapter
3 * Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

Storage and use instructions:


Product details

Titel OBSBOT Tail Air [Multi-camera set].
Artikelnummer OBS Tail Air MCS


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