OBSBOT Tiny Series Remote controller for Tiny 2, Tiny 4K & Tiny

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OBSBOT Tiny Series Remote controller for Tiny 2, Tiny 4K & Tiny

Designed for OBSBOT Tiny 2, we present to you the incredible upgrade of the OBSBOT Tiny remote control – a revolutionary fusion of intelligent features. The OBSBOT Tiny 2 is a hybrid of a presentation clicker and a webcam remote control, allowing you to control the camera while seamlessly presenting your slides – all with just one controller.

  1. Elegant Design: Specifically designed for the OBSBOT Tiny series, the remote control offers an elegant design that is both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. With its carefully placed buttons, it provides a pleasant and comfortable user experience.

  2. Activate AI Features with a Single Press: We have integrated more AI features into the remote control to expand your possibilities. With just one press, you can easily switch the OBSBOT Tiny 2 to close-up mode, desk mode, and other AI functions. This gives you full control over your recordings and enables you to create stunning content.

  3. Combination of Remote Control and Presentation Clicker: The OBSBOT Tiny 2 remote control not only allows you to control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 but also incorporates the functionality of a presentation clicker. Thanks to this combination, you can now present your ideas more effectively. No more hassle of switching between different devices – simply use the remote control to seamlessly control your presentation while keeping an eye on the camera settings.

The OBSBOT Tiny 2 with its innovative remote control is the perfect solution for content creators, vloggers, presenters, and anyone looking to take their creativity and communication to a new level. Experience the seamless integration of camera and presentation control and discover a whole new way to showcase your content.


The OBSBOT Tiny Smart Remote Control is compatible with OBSBOT Tiny 2, OBSBOT Tiny 4K, and OBSBOT UVC-to-HDMI Adapter 2nd Generation.

Note: Some buttons on the remote control will not function with OBSBOT Tiny 4K and OBSBOT Tiny, as the functions controlled by these buttons are not integrated into OBSBOT Tiny 4K and OBSBOT Tiny.

[Close-up Mode] [Hand Mode] [Laser Whiteboard Mode] [Desk Mode]

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Titel OBSBOT Tiny Series Remote controller for Tiny 2, Tiny 4K & Tiny
Artikelnummer OBS-REM
EAN 6971889230090


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