Robidia AI platform for Single Cam autotracking and virtual production

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Robidia AI platform for Single Cam autotracking and virtual production

The Robidia AI software for auto tracking is completely developed by the German company Robidia, based in Cologne. Robidia has a big vision - taking media production to a whole new level by creating a completely autonomous studio.     What makes it stand out in comparison to other AI products is the power and efficiency of the software. It is the most advanced AI we have seen in the media range.      It comes pre-installed on a plug-and-play dongle and can be used without having to install anything.     Face/Body/Object detection     The face detection works perfectly well, you can wear sunglasses and hats without any problem. It recognizes the difference between a real face and a picture and also when someone is only passing by and not part of the recording (e.g., when recording outside on the streets).      Gesture Control     You can control the cameras by gesture. E.g., you can change the camera zoom with thumbs up or down. It can be turned on and off and adapted to your preferences in the settings.     Tracker     It has 3 different tracker settings with different functions and levels of automatism. From full automatism to more or less complete manual control.     UI     Despite all the many different functions the software offers, the User Interface is kept simple and clear to provide an intuitive and easy handling.     Camera    The camera will automatically be detected by the software, and since most cameras have their own software or app for settings, these software's can be accessed directly from the Robidia software without having to run an extra app.      Camera movements can be saved and looped.  A virtual studio is integrated.  

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Titel Robidia AI platform for Single Cam autotracking and virtual production


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