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BACKDROP: Immersive environment using LED Walls

Powerful immersive XR

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Product description

BACKDROP: Immersive environment using LED Walls


The intuitive and affordable xR solution for broadcast

BACKDROP  includes a powerful 3D server box to output one 4K signal.
For more than 4K support, please contact us.
3 virtual sets included. NDI sources + 2 SDI inputs included.
Remote control to interact with virtual sets

multiCAM BACKDROP is a technological innovation that is revolutionizing the entertainment and content production industry. It combines the benefits of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to immerse viewers in immersive and interactive digital environments.

All the cameras on the set are tracked in space so that the virtual set projected on a Led wall can react in real time according to the point of view of the cameras. Actors and presenters are placed in front of this virtual stage, which gives them the impression of being in a real setting and the possibility to interact with it.

The final result is much more qualitative than with a virtual production on a green background because no keying operation and therefore no image degradation is necessary. The image filmed by the camera is directly “rigged”. The remanent light of the Led wall allows a neat integration of the characters in the decor.

Instantly change the look of your set
BACKDROP is a turnkey solution that is easy to use and does not require significant technical skills The configuration of an xR tray is done in less than 30 minutes!
BACKDROP’s interface is clear and intuitive. It allows operators to manipulate virtual elements efficiently.
You don’t need to be an Unreal Engine expert, the scenery previously created by the creative team is imported directly, without risk.

The xR multiCAM BACKDROP technology is an exciting innovation that offers significant advantages for live content productions. It enables the creation of detailed and realistic virtual environments, while reducing production costs and improving the overall quality of the final product.
BACKDROP is supported by the EPIC MegaGrant program and has received a few awards like the SATIS award in 2021. Used by TV stations on a daily basis, BACKDROP is the essential solution for virtual production in xR.


Powerful 3D capabilities
The solution comes with a “3D RT” server box.
The standard version includes a powerful graphic card (3090 series) that can render realtime graphics. Display, tracking and cameras has to be genlocked.

Product details

Titel BACKDROP: Immersive environment using LED Walls
Artikelnummer BACKDROP


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