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Capture your training and debrief in video Key Features • Easy to use & intuitive interface One global preview for all cameras and body sensors. Select the most appropriate view for your training session with just one click. • Tag key action of trainees Customize your tags to identify key actions for quick review during debriefing. During the recording, one click marks the video with any tag. During the debriefing, you quickly and easily navigate through your tags with trainees. • Defriefing from everywhere Access any multiCAM training video from any location on your local network. Just install the Debriefing software on any machine to access to your multiCAM library. View all sources at a glance Compose your screens with any available source One composition gathers all the video sources and sensor data. It’s interactive, just click on the layout you created to switch to it. This allows you to record actions of interest at any time without having to  switch your video. Easily choose the best camera angle Click on a camera preview to recall a position. Each preset records all the settings of the camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, White Balance, Exposure, Focus) with a thumbnail so do you don’t have to remember them. Just click on the thumbnail to instantly recall the shot angle. Adjust it with a virtual joystick. Tag key actions during the session Tags create chapters so you can quickly jump to a key action during debriefing. Once the session is started (with the ability to record and live stream simultaneously ), the trainer can add tags corresponding to key actions done by the trainee. The system offers two ways of tagging: - The toggle tag turns on with the first click and off with a second click. - The duration tag is a predetermined fixed time period, however you can override it with a second click if necessary. Video debriefing everywhere Access to recorded videos from any Windows computer multiCAM DEBRIEFING is part of the multiCAM INSITU solution. Install it on any computer in your local network and it gives you access to any multiCAM recorded training session. multiCAM DEBRIEF allows the full screen output to be on a second screen while you manipulate the timeline to view specific key actions. Choose the server box multiCAM IN SITU standard package includes: •     Multicam Box (3RU Server Unit) •     23’’ HD Touchscreen •     Joystick You choose your box (3RU server) depending of the number of video sources you need. All HD-SDI boxes allow IP cameras as well. 4+1 Box : 4x HD-SDI inputs + 1x HD-SDI input or ouput + 1x HD-SDI and HDMI  output 8+1 Box : 8x HD-SDI inputs + 1x HD-SDI input or ouput + 1x HD-SDI and HDMI  output IP Box : no HD-SDI or HDMI inputs/outputs, only IP

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