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New TVPROMPT Pricelist 10.04.2022

New TVPROMPT Pricelist
Dear customer,
there are a few new products from TVPROMPT.
Starting with the TVPROMPT Studio teleprompter in 19“ and 22“, we now sell them with 450 and 1.000 nits as well. Before both models were only available with 1.500 nits.
The Studio Prompters are here: https://schnittpunkt.eu/Studio/


There is also a new handheld remote control with Display: https://schnittpunkt.eu/TV-Prompt/Zubehoer/Handheld-Remote-Control-USB--Wireless-RF-pen-hand-WITH-DISPLAY/

You will find all remotes and other accessories here: https://de.schnittpunkt.eu/Zubehoer_1/

Last but not least 2 new software versions has been released, the TVPROMPT-XPRO software, which lays focus on extra large texts without any limitations.

There are 2 different versions, the standard-version: https://schnittpunkt.eu/TV-Prompt/Software/TVPROMPT-XPRO-software/

And one for TVPLAY-XPRO: https://schnittpunkt.eu/TV-Prompt/Software/TVPROMPT-XPRO-software-for-TVPLAY-XPRO/

An overview of the different software versions is here: https://schnittpunkt.eu/TV-Prompt/Software_1/

All TVPROMPT products are usually to be delivered within 1 week in EU or 2 weeks for non-EU countries.

If anything of this sounds interesting for you, please contact us:

Mail: punkt@schnittpunkt.de
Phone.: 0049 160 2160395

Please also visit out new webpage: www.secondwave.eu/
Here you find all of our Second Wave products. New, we offer Pedestals.

Best regards

Thomas Nowara

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