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Prompter Pal portable Desktop Teleprompter

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10" Glass:

w. iPad cradle

12" Glass:

w. High Bright Monitorw. iPad cradlew. Regular Monitor


Product description

Prompter Pal portable Desktop Teleprompter

Promter Pal portable Desktop Teleprompter

The PAL Desktop Teleprompter was actually a development for the gaming scene, especially for Twitch. However, we and our customers noticed that the teleprompter can also be used in other places, such as home broadcasting.  
The Prompter Pal Desktop 12" with IPad mount is the best solution for those who work from home and have many video conferences where it is important to make the conference members feel like they are interacting with each other in real life. 
The setup for traditional teleprompting is as easy as it is to use. Just set up the teleprompter in front of you on a table or other surface (with or without a camera/smartphone for recording) and you're ready to go.  
The monitor is connected to a PC or laptop via HDMI or VGA cable.  
Using the teleprompter with a tablet is also possible thanks to the iPad cradle. 
On the connected device, you start the teleprompting software and load your pre-written text.  
Now you are ready to give your speech or address. All you have to do is click on Start and you can then adjust the speed as required. 
Possible applications:  
For traditional teleprompting, for example on a stage or similar in front of an audience, you can place the teleprompter in front of you on a small table and give your speech or address. Since the text runs through automatically, there is no need to click on the text, e.g. to jump to the next slide.  
Streaming also has a wide range of possible applications. 
You can use the teleprompter to read the chat of the stream, while at the same time looking into the camera and giving the viewers the feeling that you are making eye contact with them. The streamer therefore no longer needs to stare at a monitor while talking to his audience. This gives the audience the impression that the streamer is talking directly to them. 
Further areas of application are live streams, for example of cooking shows, music streams etc. There are no limits to the imagination. The cook can, while looking briefly into the camera, either read the chat and interact with the audience or take a look at his recipe. The music streamer can, while looking into the camera, also follow the chat and talk to the audience or just have a quick look at his sheet of music or notes, etc... This can be transferred to almost any form of live streaming.
teaching units: 
This teleprompter is also ideally suited for recording lectures by professors, teachers, lecturers or other trainers. 
While the lecturers look into the camera and record their lectures, the teleprompter mirrors their material. It is not only possible to mirror a text, but also PowerPoint presentations, graphics, statistics or other teaching material. 

Product details

Titel Prompter Pal portable Desktop Teleprompter


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