Prompter People Proline Undercamera 19 High Bright

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Prompter People Proline Undercamera 19 High Bright


Undercamera teleprompters are designed for use where a through-the-glass teleprompter cannot be used. Ideal for use on jibs or with Chromatte LiteRings, they can display prompts using the supplied PC and Mac software or any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote, or can be used as a talent preview monitor.
Partial product highlights
Quick, easy setup
Works with any size camera from palmcorder to ENG (ENG stands for "Electronic News Gathering").
Gathering", a camera that was once only used for news gathering, but has now become the
is now the standard for most professional video production)
Easily readable up to over 12 feet
Adapter for iPad available
HighBright 1000 3G-SDI in/out 
Soft case / travel kits 
Not all Flex UnderCamera teleprompters are supplied with a case.
Teleprompters that do come with a case only have a soft case included.
15" | 17" | 19" Regular and 3G-SDI HighBright models Soft Case here
The Under Camera Teleprompter's patent-pending design utilises custom aluminium extrusions for high strength, light weight and tool-less setup and operation. is the affordable choice for studios or production on the go. Designed for use where a through-the-glass teleprompter cannot be used. Great for use on booms or with Chromatte (Chroma Matte) LiteRings. The supplied monitor offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. The lightweight, long-life LED-backlit display offers a bright 400 nit image (nit is the unit of visible light intensity). The under-camera teleprompter can be quickly and cost effectively converted to an iPad (shop here) or to a 19" regular 1000 NIT HighBright (3G-SDI, HDMI, VGA, Composite) monitor teleprompter models for ultimate flexibility.
- Use with PowerPoint presentations
- Use on boom arms
- Adjustable for any camera size
- Vertically adjustable for best line of sight
- Use LCD as additional desktop monitor
- High quality computer machined aluminium
For under-camera iPad models, shop here
Tool-less design 
Camera position 
LCD position 
Tripod mount and balance
Base model: 10"x12"x24" ,254mmx304mmx610mm 8 lbs, 3.6 kg (12" model)
Software Options 
Telescroll software for PC and Mac included
Newsroom software available

Product details

Titel Prompter People Proline Undercamera 19 High Bright
Monitor Eingänge VGA, HDMI


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