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Teleprompter Pal

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10" Glass with Tablet Holder12" Glass with Tablet holder


12" Glass with 12" HB Mon12" Glass with 12" Regular Mon


Product description

Teleprompter Pal

Teleprompter Pal

Foldable, Affordable and Professional Teleprompter for shooting with everything from iPhones, DSLR, Mirrorless, Cinema Camera's and more.

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- Soft Bag Included
- Hood, Front Sled, Back Sled, 15mm Block, and FreeStanding Adapter made with durable Aluminum built to last. 
- Top Mounting Bracket 4 1/4-20" Thread Mounting for Microphones, Lighting, Monitors, and More.
- iPhone Adapter Included (Works with all models iPhone and Androids, Cell Phones for shooting) 
- Hood Folds, Back Sled Removes for Compact Storage
- 10" or 12" High Low-Iron American Made 65/35 BeamSplitter Glass
- 10" works with all iPads, Surfaces and Tablets up-to 10.9" in Size
- 12" works with all iPads including the iPad Pro and all Surfaces including the  Surface Pro models - will work with tablets up to 12.9" in Size
Base Models include:
- Sled Mount
- FreeStanding
- 15MM Railmount
- 10" Model - fits all models Tablets and iPads up to 10.9" 
- 12" Model - fits all models Tablets and iPads up to 12.9" in size including the iPad Pro and Surface Pro
- 12" Regular 400 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitors include HDMI, VGA, Composite inputs
- 12" HighBright 1000 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitors include HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, and Composite inputs
- All Monitor based 12" models include Software for Mac or PC on a Dongle (To move software from multiple computers without needing additional Licensing Software) and direct download with a single license key.
- Additional Download and License included for Free at Request (You'll also keep the dongle in working order) so you'll get 2 working versions of the software.
- All new Prompter People Flip-Q for Mac works with Mojave and Catalina based systems.
- Legacy systems require older models of Flip-Q please specify if you need an older 16 BIT mac (Tell us which OS you'll be running) on your order notes, as well as if you need Flip-Q for PC.
- Flip-Q for PC works on all models PC up-to Windows 10 or Higher.
- 10" and 12" All Tablet Based Models include the smaller SoftBag with 1 Large - Front Pocket and Configured Padding
- 12" Monitor Based Models includes the larger Padded SoftBag with 2 Front Pockets and 1 Side Pocket
- Kits are available for any base model

Product details

Titel Teleprompter Pal


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