Brexit, disadvantages for our customers

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UK customer:

Yes, it is Brexit. I am hopeful we will reverse that as soon as possible! For now it is something we all as citizens in the UK who want to purchase items in Europe have to now work out how to Navigate.

Attempt to be an advisor

The problem

When a customer buys from us a teleprompter he gets the teleprompter in UK and have to pay the shipping company some extra money at the delivery. That did not happen before Brexit because UK had been in the EU. Now UK is a foreign country and the people in UK have to pay at the delivery and some people do not why. We try to help you because what happpens to you is normal in other countries.

I am not shure if the people in UK have to pay custom. I guess no. Becaise the last thing I have heard was that all deliveries to UK are custom free in UK. Please people from UK have a look on your invoice and let me know what you have to pay for.

I guess you have to pay tax. Which is normal. You have to pay that for every item you buy in UK. This is the same tax you pay when you buy a products in UK. This tax you can deduct later when you do your tax declaration.


You did not pay anything direct but you had it in your tax decaration. In the end it is the same.

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