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Hi Danny,

first thanks for your comment: thank you for being in this line of product - this is part of the near future ;)

It is good to see that you understand the changes happening right now.

I answer your mail below in blue.

Hi There!

I would like to purchase a teleprompter for using to lead seminars at home (to interact with people with them having the experience of being with me - this is NOT to read script). I see there is a 24 inch model that is advertised as "Flex Plus 24 Desktop teleprompter for work at home solutions" (picture below). 


I have a couple of questions:

1. What size do you recommend for leading a seminar on zoom? Related questions: Isn't 24 inch too big sitting right in front of me? Could 17 inch for example work just as well? (i am also thinking the 17 inch would have some portability for air travel, the 24 inch not)
Answer: This is a question for each user to answer himself. One like the 24 and need it. The next is happy to have a smaller one.
In case of travelling is a 17" better. You can either use a softbag for the transport or you need a hardcase. I would recoomend to take the prompter with you as hand luggage.
For shure you need to take the stand extra.


2. Can I purchase a smaller monitor eg 17 inch ... or 15 inch? and have the same stand set-up as per below?

Yes, such a purchase is possible. Please let us know which monitor size you want?

3. What is your recommended travel case for when I purchase one of these models.
Answer: As I wrote before it will be a softbag or hard case. I prefer softbag but everone like its own.

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