Information that helps - PAL Teleprompter - here you will find useful information about the PAL teleprompter series.

In this section you can find useful information about the PAL teleprompter series.
Among them you will find information about compatible tablets, but also tutorials on how to change the accessories of the teleprompter.

How to change the accessories from the Pal Teleprompter.

The two pictures shows which screws are the correct ones at which position.
PAL Accesories

The central unit is called "Pedestal"


Screw to attack back sled.


Pedestal handles

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Size of the Compatible Tablets

We are looking for a teleprompter for our Canon C500 Mk 2.
We would like to use our Samsung S8 Ultra tablet with it.Tab S8 Ultra — 14.6-inch (2960 x 1848 pixels) WQXGA+ 120Hz Super AMOLED display with up to 420 nits brightness, 240 ppi

Answer from Schnittpunkt: This can get tight. We have between the 2 holders 21,5 cm and the Tab has 21 cm. You can try to fix the tab by loosing the holder iat the front, position the tab and then bring the holder in position again and screw it tight.

You told me that you are able to build a tab holder yourself. For this I send you the picture of the carrier. You see that there is a slot for the holder. That slot you can use for the own holder.


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