What is a teleprompter?

Information that helps - What is a teleprompter?

A teleprompter, is a device that allows a person to read a text during a live broadcast or film shooting without the audience or camera seeing the text. The text is first displayed on a special screen – inverted and upside down. The text is made readable again because of the used semitransparent mirror and read out by the person in front of the camera. The camera and the audience see only the person and not the text.

The text is usually provided by a computer connected to the teleprompter. The person reads the text from top to bottom while turning directly to the camera. The text is usually displayed in a large, easy-to-read font and controlled by an operator. The operator can control the speed of the text.

Teleprompters are often used in TV and film production, political speeches, and other professional applications where it is important for the speaker to be able to deliver the text confidently and smoothly without the audience noticing the text being read aloud. They provide for the speaker to focus on the content of the speech while delivering a professional and natural presentation.

Today, the teleprompter has become an absolute must-have. Every professional must have one in his equipment and every YouTuber has one as well.

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