Obsbot UVC to HDMI Adapter

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Obsbot UVC to HDMI Adapter

The OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter is an innovative device by OBSBOT that enables seamless conversion between UVC and HDMI. This adapter opens up entirely new possibilities for your OBSBOT webcam and other USB webcams. With an impressive resolution of up to 4K@60fps and advanced decoding solution, you can unleash the full potential of your webcam.

With the OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter, transmitting video and audio signals becomes a breeze. Whether you use your webcam, including OBSBOT and other compatible webcams, for live streaming, video conferencing, or content creation, this adapter ensures reliable and high-quality signal transmission. Immerse yourself in a world of clear images and crisp sound as you present your content or interact with others.

Using the OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter is extremely easy. Simply connect your webcam, whether it's an OBSBOT webcam or another compatible webcam, to the adapter via the UVC port, and connect the adapter to your desired display or any other HDMI-enabled device through the HDMI output. The adapter supports a variety of devices and can be used flexibly for different applications.

With the OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter, new dimensions of connectivity open up to you. Utilize your webcam in combination with large screens, projectors, or AV receivers to present your content in impressive 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. Be prepared to impress your audience and provide your viewers with an immersive visual experience.

The OBSBOT UVC to HDMI Adapter is an essential accessory for anyone looking to maximize the potential of their OBSBOT webcam devices or other compatible webcams. Whether you work professionally, execute creative projects, or simply want to communicate with friends and family, this adapter offers new possibilities of connectivity and enables you to get the most out of your webcam.


  • 4K UVC to HDMI Conversion
  • Plug & Play
  • Low Latency
  • Supports OBSBOT Remote Control
  • Supports Firmware Upgrade


OBSBOT Tiny 2, OBSBOT Tiny, OBSBOT Tiny 4K, OBSBOT Meet, OBSBOT Meet 4K, OBSBOT Tail und andere UVC-Webcams

Product details

Titel Obsbot UVC to HDMI Adapter
Artikelnummer OBS-UVC
EAN 6901234567892


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