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Product overview // New products in 2022 and 2023

For different reasons the Prompter People product range grew a lot bigger in 2022. This might seem a little overwhelming on first sight, but we will explain some things here that will help you to better understand the different options Prompter People offers and not get lost.

On the one hand there are quite a few new products, e.g. the PAL PRO, an upgraded version of the popular PAL. It provides improved tablet and camera mounts and supports larger sized professional cameras.

Extra infos about the PAL series.


Or the ROBO-JR-MAX, which combines the smaller size of the ROBO-JR with the capability of mounting bigger PTZ cameras like the AW-UE 150, as the larger ROBO does.

Please also check our page with detailed info about the different Roboprompters and their various mounting options.


Different options and product variants

These are basically only 2 new prompter models, but with all the different options they offer in size, brightness, Freestand, 15 mm or SLED version, it adds up to 12 possible combinations for the PAL PRO and 4 types of ROBO-JR-MAX.

This diversity of variants applies to all Prompter People teleprompters. Proline Plus, Ultralight, Q-GEAR and all others are available with different kinds of monitors and mounting kits. Again, these are dozens of possible variants. Not including talent monitor models...

Talent Monitors

On the other hand, in addition to the many above mentioned existing product variants (Freestand, SLED, High Bright or Regular monitor), almost all Teleprompter models are now available with talent monitor. From the 12" iPad prompter PAL PRO to the largest 32" QPRO. With the choice between High Bright and Regular Monitor you also have different options here.


Desktop Teleprompter

Also definitely worth mentioning are the Desktop prompters. They are now available in different sizes from 12" to 24". These models are getting more and more popular in times of videoconferences, home office and online schoolings. 

Learn more about the Desktop Prompters.


For more information about teleprompters please see the overview of our Wiki or contact us at or +49 - 160 2160395.


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